Ziax producer and exclusive agency for Turkish Tuma and Bi-Ax in Iran.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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About Mohammad

Abdollah Zeiaei

Dear colleagues and friends : A. Zeiaei Fydarabzarars my management company has been established since 1378 and in this period the many efforts In its lifecycle to create a position in the industry has taken . I have here the history of your activities today get to know your friends and colleagues . In 1357 I began working in the vocational training center in the city of Tabriz is 6 months in late 1358. The center was officially hired as the department of education Tractor Die - casting and milling permanently I continued up to 5 years Vdraghaz in 1362 , according to the company 's progress in all fields of technical and industrial tractor equipped with the Casting a major part of the effort , especially with the technology and experience better then modeling, and Die casting molds and parts melting muscles for 10 years until 1372 I continued to work after his Msmtrkhvd Free and independent pension provision and providing the tools to obtain representation company in Tabriz ALPHA 1387 I was active in the development and research in order to improve the quality objectives Vkhdmt Bhtrv supply Tehran with representative products Other companies such as KORLOY - BI-AX - ZIAX MARATON etc ... still improve and enhance the service I love to cycle in the industry . Here it is necessary to remind the expertise in understanding and tools for other companies to compete with the production and distribution Our company attended the annual industry trade fair in industrial cities such as Tehran - Tabriz - Iran - Mashhad , etc. Continuous presence and will support and collaborate with your colleagues and friends and most industrial and manufacturing development and promotion Iran would make our industry better . Abundant Baspas A. Zeiaei

Latest News

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